Missouri Earthquake Preparedness Seismic Safety Commission


Special Membership Requirements: Yes, one Commissioner is selected to represent each of the following professional areas: architecture, planning, fire protection, public utilities, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, structural engineering, soils engineering, geology, seismology, local government, insurance, business, the American Red Cross and emergency management.

Commission Members

Name Representing Term Ends
Ms. Jamie Koehler
2430 Myra Drive
Cape Girardeau, MO  63703
E-Mail: Jamie.Koehler@redcross.org
(Office) 573-335-9471 x 308 
(Fax) 573-335-0071

American Red Cross Representative July 1, 2014
Mr. Art Bond, AIA, NCARB
22 Dromara Road                                                         
Saint Louis, MO   63124
E-Mail: adbond@bondwolfe.com
(Office) 314-863-4994
(Fax) 314-863-4996 

Architecture Representative July 1, 2010
Vacant Business Representative
Dr. Phillip Gould, P.E.
102 Lake Forest                                                                       
Richmond Heights, MO   63117
E-Mail: pgoul@seas@wustl.edu
(Home) 314-647-0388
(Office) 314-935-6383
(Fax) 314-935-4338

Electrical Engineering Representative July 1, 2012
Vacant Emergency Management Representative  
Mr. John Mallott
401 East Washington
Kennett, MO  63857
E-Mail: kfd@clgw.net
(Office) 573-888-5337

Fire Protection Representative July 1, 2012
Vacant Geology Representative  
Vacant House Appointed member  
Mr. Miles "Joe" Green
17538 Scenic Drive
Boonville, MO  65233                                                  
E-Mail: Joe.Green.G9E5@statefarm.com
(Home) 660-882-8235 
(Office) 573-499-2537
Insurance Representative July 1, 2012
Commission Secretary
Mr. Joel P. Evans
505 Park Avenue
Sikeston, MO  63801
E-Mail: j0el_patrick@yahoo.com

Local Government Representative July 1, 2012
Vacant Mechanical Engineering Representative  
Dr. Gregory Hempen, Ph.D., P.E., R.G.
56 Montague Court                                                      
Saint Louis, MO  63123-3459
E-Mail: hempen69@sbcglobal.net & greg_hempen@urscorp.com
(Office) 314-743-4126
Planning Representative July 1, 2010
Vacant Public Education Representative  
Mr. Donald W. Shaw
2409 Bowe Lane
Jefferson City, MO 65109                                        
E-Mail:  dshaw@cepc.net
(Office) 573-761-2810

Public Utilities Representative                      July 1, 2010
Vice Chairman
Mr. Eric Sandvol
101 Geology Building
Department of Geological Sciences
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO  65211
E-Mail: sandvole@missouri.edu
(Office  ) 573-884-9616
(Fax) 573-882-5458

Seismology Representative July 1, 2012
Vacant Senate Appointed member  
Dr.Brent Rosenblad, PhD
E2509 Lafferre Hall
Department of Civil an d Environmental Engineering
University of Missouri-Columbia
Columbia, MO  65211
E-Mail:  rosenbladb@missouri.edu
(Office) 573-884-3736
(Fax) 573-882-4784

Soils Engineering Representative July 1, 2014
Dr. Raymond Bailey, P. E., R.G., PhD
3 Westford Court
Saint Charles, MO. 63304
E-Mail:  RBailey@abnacorp.com
(Office) 314-454-0222 ext. 1120

Soils Engineering Representative July 1, 2012
Mr. James D. Palmer, P.E., S.E.
2001 NW 62nd Street
Kansas City, MO.  64151
E-Mail:  Jim.Palmer@kcpl.com
(Office) 816-640-3328

Structural Engineering Representative July 1, 2010
Mr. David Hoffman
Missouri University of Science and Technology
227 Butler-Carlton Hall
1401 North Pine Street
Rolla, Missouri 65409-0030
Email: dhoffman@mst.edu
(Office) 573-341-7608
(Fax) 573-341-4729
Retired DNR Geologist Ex-Officio Member
Mr. Joe Gillman
State Geologist and Division Director
111 Fairgrounds Road
P. O. Box 250
Rolla, MO.  65402
E-Mail: joe.gillman@dnr.mo.gov
(Office) 573-368-2100

State Geologist and Division Director Department of Natural Resources
Division of Geology and Land Survey
Ms. Sue Evers
Natural Hazards Programs/
Earthquake, Dam Safety, HAZUS
9221 Ward Parkway, Suite 300
Kansas City, MO 64114-3372 
E-Mail:  sue.evers@dhs.gov
(Office) 816-283-7005
(Fax) 816-283-7018

DHS/FEMA Region VII FEMA Liaison
Mr. Steve Besemer
Earthquake Program Manager
2302 Militia Drive
P. O. Box 116
Jefferson City, MO. 65101
E-Mail: steve.besemer@sema.dps.mo.gov
(Office) 573-526-9232
Earthquake Program Manager SEMA Staff Representative to the Commission