Situation Report




Situation Report #: N09110038

Jefferson City

April 27, 2011

Situation Report

April 2011 Storms and Floods - April 27, 2011 1:00 p.m.


Severe storms have resulted in flooding issues across the Southern part of the state.  The Missouri State Highway Patrol and Water Patrol Division pre-staged assets to assist evacuations and water rescues as needed.  Two deaths have been attributed to the flooding. The State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) is currently activated providing assistance to the counties as requested.  Primary areas affected are Regions C, D, E and G in eastern and southern Missouri. 

River Stages

Southeastern Missouri

Mississippi and Ohio Rivers are still rising. Projected Crests are expected to begin Friday, April 29th through the first week of May. This forecast is dependent upon no further major rainfall totals.

Barkley Dam (Kentucky) Operations:

Observed Data – Decrease in discharge rates from 104,200 cubic feet per second on 04/26, 1pm to 55,700 cubic feet per second on 04/27 at 6am.


Flood Stage
Record Stage
Present Stage
Ohio at Cairo
40 ft
60.5 ft  May 03
Mississippi at:
27 ft
39.1 April 29
Cape Girardeau
32 ft
44.5 April 29
33 ft
44.0 April 29
New Madrid
34 ft
47.8 May 1
49.8 May 1
32 ft
47.2 May 1
Black River
Poplar Bluff
16 ft
Crested April 26
Current River
13 ft
Crested April 26

Region E

Butler CountyThe Black River crested during the night of April 26 at 21.41 ft and the river stage was 20.86 as of 07:15 am April 27. Butler County is still under a flash flood warning due to levee failures along the Black River. The Highway Patrol provided extra patrols to the Neelyville area to ensure law enforcement presence was known. There were 319 people sheltered overnight at Black River Coliseum. Four families were evacuated to the center of town. Water is now starting to recede.
Three levee breaches occurred along the Black River between Poplar Bluff and Qulin.  County and state agencies have assisted residents in evacuation efforts. About 20-30 people were reported stranded near Coon Island Conservation Center east of Neelyville.  Officials responded to the area and have evacuated the residents. There is a shelter that has been established at the Black River Coliseum in Poplar Bluff

Cape Girardeau CountyHighway 74 and Highway 25 are closed due to flooding. Currently the only way to get into Cape Girardeau County is Highway 55 which is being monitored. The city of Cape Girardeau is also experiencing sink holes.  Allenville has been described as an island, and all but 20 families have evacuated the area. Water is rising in the Allenville area due to the levee breech from eastern Bollinger County. Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Office reported there are 22 people in the Allenville area that do not want to leave their homes. This could result in water rescues at a later time when runoff from Bollinger County reaches the area.

Crews are enhancing the levee at Dutchtown. This Levee protects Dutchtown from the Hubble Creek, which runs on the west side of MO 25. The project is completed on 4/27.

There were 4 people sheltered overnight at the Osage Community Center in Cape Girardeau City.

Iron CountyWhile there is no major threat with water, the Iron Mountain Dam is being monitored.

Madison County – Fredericktown experienced some flash flooding. A short term shelter was set up last night. Officials reported no occupants after 11 PM. No issues were reported in Fredericktown the morning of 04/27.

Mississippi County -- No major issues reported overnightFocus remains on Birds Point. Mississipi County officials report that water from the Mississippi was beginning to backup into the southern half of the New Madrid Floodway approaching the community of Pinhook. Plans are underway to begin sandbagging operations today. They have made plans to open shelters in Charleston and East Prairie in anticipation of possible operation of the Birds Point Floodway.

New Madrid CountyFloodwater in New Madrid is expected to reach Highway 80 by the end of the day. The Missouri National Guard is assisting with the voluntary evacuation of the New Madrid area.

Pemiscot County - Officials are monitoring the seawall at Caruthersville.  Initiated sandbag operation to fortify sea wall and closures.  Eight out of nine gates have been closed and the last gate will close this evening. Contacted by Rep. Swinger and questioned about contingency plans for evac and shelter should sea wall fail.  Referred to SEMA (Human Services – Dante). River level is expected to climb to within two feet of its top.

Ripley County – The Current River in Ripley County has crested and is starting to recede. Officials reported no issues overnight. The shelter at Doniphan has been closed.

Scott County The Scott County central shelter reported a population of eight last night. A breach of the Ditch #1 levee near Oran and Chaffee was reported. Both mainly affecting farm land at this time. One water rescue was reported near Oran last night 04/27.

Stoddard County Several bridges have been reported as being washed out and local radio station had to pump water out this morning 4/27. Over half of the minor roads in Stoddard County have been closed, and some families still refuse to evacuate. The levee break near Bell City is continuing to contribute to rising waters levels. The Jenkins Basin Levee breach continues to distribute large amounts of water to eastern Stoddard County. MoDot will be closing westbound US 60 at approximately 9 am. Traffic will run both eastbound and westbound in the eastbound lanes.

Wayne County – Official reported no issues overnight.

Region G-

Reynolds CountyA shelter has been opened and is on standby until tomorrow morning. There are some minor roadways closed and several bridges have been washed out. Reports currently show that rain is slowing down.

Several rounds of heavy rainfall produced significant flooding across southern Missouri from Friday, April 22 through Tuesday, April 26. Storm total rainfall amounts through Tuesday, April 26 generally ranged from 4 to 8 inches along the I-44 corridor to the 10 to 14 inches range across far southern Missouri south of Hwy. 60.

The storms from last night Tuesday, 4/26 were less intense than forecast. The southwestern part of the state received an inch or less. This should not have an impact on forecasted river stages. The southeastern part of the state received an inch to an inch and one-half. This will prolong conditions in the area.
River Stages:

Southwest Missouri:
Rivers and streams in this area are generally receding. The exception would be Lake Taneycomo and its tributaries.
Flood Stage (ft)
Record Stage (ft)
Present Stage (ft)
Crest (ft)
Spring River
61 ft  May 03
04/26 at 16.55
04/27 at 21.83
Shoal Creek
04/26 at 16.75
James River
04/26 at 18.85
04/26 at 20.82
04/26 at 30.95
Elk River
Tiff City
04/26 at 25.63
Bull Creek
Walnut Shade
04/25 at 15.82

Due to the amount of water in a short period of time, the Corps of Engineers was forced to release 68,000 cubic feet per second from the Table Rock Dam. This is 20,000 cubic feet per second more than during the flood of 2008. The Corps indicated this action resulted in a 2 to 4 feet rise along Lake Taneycomo and its tributaries.

A flood warning remains in effect through Wednesday evening 04/27 for Lake Taneycomo and tributaries into the Table Rock Lake in southeastern Barry, southern Stone, and southwestern Taney Counties. Water is not expected to rise above the current 2-4 foot rise, but will remain at the current level for several days.

Region D

Taney County – Chief Chris Brandt of Taney County.  He advised that the Table Rock Lake has crested at 2 pm and the flow will not be increased.  Flow will continue until 931 elevation reached (by this weekend). 

He advised no significant changes to affected populations.  50-60 homes are affected.  Currently there are 10 people being sheltered.  One large subdivision of about 150 homes is cut off and partially flooded, but they are building an access to get in/out.  Branson landing is open and has power, however, no propane due to the storage tanks being flooded. 

At Branson Landing the south parking lot is covered, however the water is 3 to 4 feet from affecting businesses along the Landing.

McDonald County – Shelter were closed the evening of April 26th.  Area streams were receding this morning.

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