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Situation Report #: N09110068

Jefferson City

June 03, 2011

Spring 2011 Severe Storms Situation Report 2 p.m. June 3


The State of Missouri continues to aid Jasper and Newton counties and the City of Joplin and in their recovery efforts from the EF-5 tornado that struck the city on May 22, 2011. Teams from SEMA, FEMA, and the Small Business Administration are assisting with damage assessment.

SEMA has begun to monitor the potential flooding impacts from the Missouri River in the north-western part of the state.

Electric Outages –
Empire reports that all serviceable customers who can take electricity have been restored, 7000+/- outages remain.  Ameren reports all outages caused by weather related incidents have been restored. KCP&L reports all outages restored in the Sedalia area.

Shelter –
The current number of individuals sheltering in Joplin is 100. There is one shelter open: Missouri Southern State (3950 Newman Road, Joplin).

Forecast information –
Joplin & Southwestern Missouri

Today: Sunny and hot, with a high near 93. Heat index values as high as 97. South wind around 17 mph, with gusts as high as 24 mph.

Tonight: Mostly clear, with a low around 72. South wind between 7 and 11 mph.

Saturday: Sunny and hot, with a high near 94. Heat index values as high as 97. South wind between 7 and 14 mph.

Saturday Night: Mostly clear, with a low around 71. South wind around 7 mph.

Region A                 

Several tornadoes touched down across the region, but only minimal damage was reported.

Pettis County (SEDALIA) Red Cross shelter has closed.  Red Cross will continue to do case work. The Red Cross may turn over the feeding operations to the Salvation Army on Wednesday (06\01).  Damage in Sedalia consists of 168 affected homes (73 destroyed, 20-25 with major damage, 65-70 with minor damage or affected), and 11-15 businesses were destroyed. There were 25 minor injuries and zero fatalities. Federal/State PA and IA preliminary damage assessment teams are scheduled in Sedalia on Wednesday, 06/01. 

Region D

Jasper County   Missouri Southern State University has 100 people sheltered. AmeriCorps has logged nearly 47,000 volunteer hours.  There are 7 intersections still being managed by law enforcement officials. The Humane Society and DMORT have demobilized.  There are four shelters open for emergency responders. There have been 9985 tetanus shots administered.

Region H

Andrew County    Property owners along the Missouri and Nodaway Rivers have been notified of potential impacts from flooding. There have been minimal voluntary evacuations at this time.

Atchison County Sandbagging operations have begun with the help of inmates from Maryville. EOC is partially activated but not staffed.

Buchanan County St. Joseph EOC will be opened and staffed Monday. St. Joseph EMD is monitoring situation and is available by cell phone. County is starting another sand bagging operation on the other side of the river. They have 2 shelters on standby. In the process of notifying people who live between the levee and river. They are coordinating their planning efforts with neighboring counties. They have 60,000 sandbags and are using an automatic sandbagging machine to produce more until they feel they have enough.

Holt County Critical Infrastructure Key Resources have been identified: Craig Water Treatment Plant, Cargill, Golden Triangle Energy, Exide, USPS at Craig, and all have spoken with EOC about evacuation plan. Levee districts have been activated, requesting additional sand bags, and sand boils are possible in the area. Dirt work is being done at Levee 10. Activated EOC on Monday and have voluntary evacuations at this time. 50,000 additional sandbags have arrived and the county has a stockpile of sand at their disposal.

ESF #1: There are 37 flood related road closures in the state. 16 of 18 traffic signals have been repaired. Per MoDOT and city of Joplin, most debris on roadways is cleared. Working to reconstruct signal signs. Commercial motor vehicle unit reminded everyone to contact their website for information regarding the transport of debris across state lines. 5/30 Continuing to monitor volunteer activities.  Continuing to support cleanup and working on repairing traffic signals and signs. MODOT received contact from Kansas Dept. of Transportation and noted issues with roads being damaged due to overweight loads.

ESF #2: Communications have been reported as stable. State-owned radios are on loan to Joplin; now the MO National Guard (MONG) is able to communicate with Joplin over their own system. The Communication unit of MSHP has received the local communication plan and is working through the plan. 

ESF #3
: SAVE Coalition volunteers have evaluated over 2250 structures which include residential, medical care facilities, and multi-story structures. The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is assisting with debris removal from right of ways and their technical experts are monitoring the situation.

ESF #4 & 9
: The Nebraska, Tennessee, and Texas search teams have been demobilized. St Louis Regional Urban Search and Rescue has been released.  Force 1 (MOTF1) and all SAR teams (except Region C) have been demobilized.

ESF #5: Conference calls will continue over the weekend. The State Emergency Operations Center continues to operate from 7 am to 7 pm until further notice.

ESF #6: There is one shelter open at this time with a population of 100.
Shelters are on standby in North West Missouri. Working with locals to achieve more temporary housing. The Red Cross has served 35,202 meals and 50,101 snacks as of today (6/02/11). The Missouri Dept. of Social Services has partnered with the Dept. of Agriculture to implement Disaster Food Assistance for those who have significant property damage and/or income loss as a result of the tornado. The shelter in Sedalia has been closed.

For victims to let their friends and family know they are safe:

For friends and family to check on their loved ones in the affected area:

Spontaneous Volunteers (Non Medical) : (800) 427-4626 or 2-1-1
Medical Volunteers:

Local Red Cross (Greater Ozarks Chapter): (417) 832-9500         

ESF #7:. 5,000 doses of Tetanus vaccination acquired for Jasper county health department.  Working on acquiring Biohazard suits for first responders. Provided 10 generators for Joplin pond dewatering, provided trailer for medical record storage, bio-hazardous waste removal for DMORT, and provided defibulater batteries and chargers. 

ESF #8: Mental Health has 8 staff at 4 locations, and have made 150 contacts, 12 follow up contacts, and plans to deploy 6 additional staff today.
Mobile Medical Unit is operational and has been turned over to St. Johns staff. MO DMAT 1 will begin demobilization today. Processed request for Alaskan Shelter Pack to attach to the MMU to provide patient processing area. The Dept of Mental Health (DMH) opened up a new local crisis and coordination phone line, (417) 347-7070, at Ozark Mental Health.

ESF #10: Working with insurance industry trying to identify vehicles. Have a temporary staging area for damaged vehicles at the Joplin airport.
EPA is taking household hazardous wastes by curbside collections. Results from air monitoring have shown that there are no asbestos dangers.  Air monitors have been placed.

ESF #12: Empire reports that all serviceable customers who can take electricity have been restored. 7000+/- outages remain.  In Northwestern Missouri the utilities have plans in place at power plants expecting flooding, and they're executing those plans.
KCP&L is working on a plan for the potential flooding in north western Missouri.
Empire is reporting that 500 – 600 outages have been restored. 7,100 outages remain.  Missouri Gas Energy continues repairs, working in the remaining 16 grids to cut off and cap mains and service lines damaged. Empire Electric reports 7700 outages and expect that all serviceable customers will be returned to service by late Sunday, May 29, and are walking the damaged area to see what can be restored within the next month or two.

ESF #13: Working on potential road closures, and resourcing barricades needed for closures.
Doing pre-planning and monitoring in the Region H area. There are 43 Missouri State Highway Patrol officers stationed in Joplin at this time and will be reduced to 32 beginning Sunday, June 5, 2011. Supporting security efforts and doing death notifications to next of kin.  Working on list of missing persons and verifying identification of deceased Providing relief to local law enforcement and assisting with checkpoints.

ESF #15
: Public Safety had a press conference at 10:00 am (05/27/11). Emphasis is switching to rumor control, and may move the entire ESF to Joplin. Primary focus is providing severe weather alerts via press releases and developing an event summary. Things are slowing down, and media inquiries are looking for fatality numbers and the next place to take the story (success stories, volunteer stories, etc…)

ESF #16: Planning for flooding.
The Missouri National Guard currently has 225 soldiers deployed to the Joplin area.  Coordinating to support the memorial service for Sunday, May 29th with missions including color guard, escort officers, and security. MoNG is working on security support and flight requests for DMORT and memorial service.

ESF #17: There are 621 animals being sheltered and 20 animals sheltered at the co-location. The co-location is being transitioned to local operations. Preparing for floods and spotting out shelters in North West MO.
There have been 883 animals sheltered to date. A 26 foot trailer is being brought in as a mobile shelter for the co-location shelter.  There are 3 trapping teams. Received assistance from FEMA to locate private she

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