Situation Report




Situation Report #: N09120007


March 02, 2012

Severe Storms SitRep 1 p.m. March 2


Tornadoes and high winds that entered southwest Missouri beginning late at night on Tuesday, Feb. 28 and continued across the state in the early morning hours resulted in the loss of three lives, numerous injuries and significant property damage.  On the morning of Feb. 29, Gov. Jay Nixon signed Executive Order 12-03 declaring a state of emergency in Missouri. That afternoon, Gov. Nixon  activating the National Guard for duties in the disaster area.

Electric Outages

The PSC reported that all power had been restored to Bolivar and Buffalo.

Branson still has approximately 500 outages due to a trunk line disruption, but should be back to full power by Saturday evening.


1500 Branson Hills Parkway
500 West Main

Forecast information

Southwest Missouri – Limited lightning and non thunderstorm wind risk is expected.  Dry weather with wind and fire risk is expected starting Saturday.

Southeast Missouri – A tornado watch is in effect for southeast Missouri through 6 p.m. this evening. The National Weather Service is predicting the front should pass through Missouri by 3 p.m. and the risk for severe weather should be reduced at that time.  At 11:03 a.m. the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning after receiving a report from the public that a tornado was on the ground in Wayne County.  This report could not be confirmed and no damage was located.

Regional Updates

Region D (Updates only)

Barry County – Reported a one frame home with major damage, one with minor damage and two affected.  In addition three mobile homes destroyed, tow with major damage and two with minor damage.  They also reported one fatality and 25 injuries.  None of the injuries was life threatening. 

Stone County – Requested twenty law enforcement officers.  Request last night was handled by MSHP.  The Missouri National Guard will provide support beginning this evening.

Taney County/Branson – Thirty-six injuries reported, all but one were treated and released.  One serious injury was transferred to Springfield.  The ARC has one shelter open at the Branson Rec-Plex with 22 residents the night of March 1.  Branson has 41 homes destroyed and feels that the number will rise with further assessment.  Twenty-five businesses have been reported as destroyed and the PDA teams are still counting.  They also reported loss of electric poles and large amount of right of way debris.  Ameri-Corps is assisting Taney County with volunteer coordination and donation management.

Region I

Crawford County – reported damage to a pole barn and some small outbuildings.  No injuries or fatalities.

Emergency Support Function (ESF) Reports

ESF 1- MODot reported clean up was progressing with only Route F, near Buffalo, impassible.  Route F was not expected to be open through the weekend.  All but one traffic signal was operational and should be repaired today.  U.S. 76, Branson, will be closed sporadically as debris is cleared.

ESF 2 – no report

ESF3 – no issues to report

ESF4/ESF9 – An incident support team is assisting Branson and an Operations Chief from an IST is in the Taney County EOC

ESF5- Hours for the SEOC are 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. with the duty officers receiving calls after hours.  Conference calls are discontinued until further notice.  The disaster branch is teaming with FEMA, the SBA and local officials to conduct preliminary damage assessments in affected areas.

ESF6 – MO VOAD is monitoring for donated goods and determining the need for volunteer services.  The Convoy of Hope is providing fluids for volunteers.  Churches in Branson are providing fluids, snacks and boxes for survivors.  The First Presbyterian Church in Branson will continue to be a fixed site for distribution.  The Ameri-Corps has provided support for fighting brush fires in Dallas County.

ESF-7- no report

ESF-8 – All long term care facilities have restored power.  DHSS GIS division has provided assistance to Taney County.

ESF-10- DNR is issuing burn waivers and has issued a press release

ESF-11- No report

ESF-12- See utility report above.  Natural gas issues are under control.

ESF-13- Additional MSHP officers have been assigned to the Branson area with additional officers being assigned for the weekend. 

ESF-14 – no report

ESF-15 – no report

ESF-17 – Fourteen dogs were taken from Kimberling City on a voluntary transfer to a St. Louis shelter.  The Humane Society is providing assistance to the Taney County Health Department for pet sheltering.

National Guard – will provide an additional fifteen officers to assist the Stone County Sheriff's Department and Kimberling City Police.


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