Situation Report




Situation Report #: N09130008


August 08, 2013

Flooding Situation Report Aug 8 1 PM

Missouri Flooding


Incident Name: August 2013 Flash Flooding
Date/Time Report: 08/08/2013 12:00 p.m.

Full Situation Report with Graphics:

24 hr Rainfall Totals:

2-Day Total
Ft. Leonard Wood
Rolla COOP
1SE St. James
2SSW Edgar Springs
West Plains
1NNW Pottersville
8W Mountain View
Osage Beach
6SW Brumley
3ESE Climax Springs
4NNE Noel
4NNW Noel
4SW Hollister
1S Hollister
3NE Protem
1S Forsyth
4NNW Vienna

Weather Forecast
More rain expected through at least Friday night. Widespread amounts of rain ranging between two and three inches are expected for southern and central Missouri.  There is a risk of localized damaging wind gusts associated with this complex. The main concern will be additional heavy rainfall leading to a renewed risk for flash flooding. 

Event Summary
Flash flooding has occurred in southern Missouri as a result of thunderstorms that have produced locally heavy rain.   The NWS has issued multiple Flash Flood Warnings for Missouri one of which was a Flash Flood Emergency.  Multiple major road closures including Hwy 63 and Hwy 50.  Significant impacts and damages to secondary and county roads have been reported. Two fatalities, 1 missing person, and one injury have been attributed to the flooding event.    


St. Robert Community Center
114 J.H. Williamson Jr. Drive
St. Robert, MO 65584

Current Population: 8

New Beginnings Fellowship
151 Elm
Hollister, Missouri 65672
Current Population: 27

Standby Shelters

Vienna United Methodist Church
1102 U.S. 63
Vienna, MO

Broadway Baptist Church
15570 N Hwy 68
Saint James, MO

Areas of Concern by Region:

Region D
Barry County
Current Conditions:

·     County advised weather system in southern Barry County produced significant amounts of rain fall that flooded the Roaring River State Park.
·     Low Water crossing are impassable
Current Response:
·     Park officials have evacuated Roaring River State Park
·     Single family evacuated from mobile home
Projected Conditions / Impacts:
·     If forecast rain develops additional flash flooding will develop quickly due to saturated soil conditions.

McDonald County
Current Conditions:
·     Water is nearing the 2011 flood levels on the Elk.
·     Water over the bridge in Tiff City on MO-43
·     Road Closures: MO -43 at the Buffalo Creek Bridge, MO-43 and Madison Lane, MO-90 and Rte. MM, Rte. H and Narrows Lane, Rte. H and Mill Creek, Rte. E south of Powell at the low water bridge, Rte. KK and Mountain Rd., Rte. W in Pineville, Rains Road and Loblob Rd.
·     Water covering Rte. H
·     One confirmed drowning fatality when driver attempted to cross Brush Creek Bridge on Hwy 90.
Current Response:
·     Water rescues of 15 individuals in the Noel area completed with no injuries
·     Barricades placed on Rte. H
·     Red Cross is on standby to address any future sheltering needs
Projected Conditions / Impacts:
·     If forecast rain develops additional flash flooding will develop quickly due to saturated soil conditions resulting in additional county road closures.

Stone County
Current Conditions:
·     Multiple roads are closed due to heavy overnight rainfall in already saturated areas
·     Water is receding
Current Response:
·     Evacuations conducted overnight in Blue Eye Area
Projected Conditions / Impacts:
·     Additional road closures are anticipated
·     If forecast rain develops additional flash flooding will develop quickly due to saturated soil conditions

Taney County
Current Conditions:
·     In addition to local rainfall, Turkey Creek enters from the south and is bringing water from Arkansas into the area, contributing to additional flooding
·     2 mobile homes were washed away downstream, approx 10 residents and strip mall received significant damage
Current Response:
·     Rescue operations and evacuations have been completed with no injuries
·     Shelter has been established in Hollister at New Beginnings Fellowship at 151 Elm Street, with a population of 27.
·     Evacuations and rescues for 100-150 residences were conducted in Hidden Valley Mobile Home Park, along Old Mill Road, Turkey Creek RV Park, and Hulland Park off Railroad Ave
·     Red Cross Damage assessments have been requested and will begin this afternoon
·     Local animal control is sheltering displaced pets
Projected Conditions / Impacts:
·     Additional rainfall flash flooding will develop quickly due to saturated soil conditions resulting in additional county road closures and possible property damage
·     A rapid decrease in water is anticipated when the rain stops

Region F
Cole County
Current Conditions:
·     5 low water crossings closed as of 5 p.m. on 8/7/13
·     Roads Closed on the Moreau River: Payne Rd., Campbell Rd, Branch Rd., Deer Run Rd, Vaughn Ford Rd

Gasconade County:
Current Conditions:
·     Hwy 50 at Mt. Sterling is closed
·     No injuries reported
Current Response

·     Monitoring river levels and weather forecast.

Projected Conditions / Impacts:
·     Traffic detour on Hwy 50 will lengthen travel times.

Miller County:
Current Conditions:
·     15 roads are closed in the county
·     County has requested dump trucks which have arrived
·     Landslides are impacting travel in rural areas
·     No injuries reported
Current Response
·     Miller County has declared a state of emergency and the EOC is activated.
      Shelter has been set up for displaced residents near Bagnell dam at Christ the King Lutheran Church.
·     EMD is coordinating with Department of Agriculture regarding disposal of 100 drowned cows.
Projected Conditions / Impacts:
·     If forecast rain develops flash flooding will develop quickly due to saturated soil conditions.
·     Primary impacts will be to agricultural land
·     Additional requests for heavy equipment are anticipated to repair washed out roadways and clear mud slides from roadways

Osage County
Current Conditions:
·     Road Closed: Hwy. E, Hwy 89 S.
·     Hwy 63 in Westphalia open
Current Response

·     Monitoring situation, locals have been notified of flooding potential

Projected Conditions / Impacts:

·     Hwy 50 closure complicated access from the east.

Region I
Crawford County
Current Conditions:
·     Meramac River has risen out of its banks to minor flood levels.
·     Damage to secondary roads
·     Rain continues to fall
Current Response:
·     Campgrounds and businesses along the impacted area of the Meramac have been evacuated.
Projected Conditions / Impacts:
·     Additional road closures are possible with predicted rainfall, no significant route closures are anticipated

Laclede County
Current Conditions:
·     16 areas on various roads that are impassable due to high water or damage
·     92 miles of roads are damaged
·     Nebo falcon Fire Protection district reports 85% of roads in area are covered by water
Current Response:
·     Campground 1 evacuated at Bennett Springs State Park
·     EOC is activated 24/7
·     Crews continue to clear debris and gravel from drainages to minimize additional water back ups
Projected Conditions / Impacts:
·     50 people in Nebo Falcon Area may have to be evacuated if water comes up again.
·     4 elderly couples at Competition are surrounded by water and may need meds brought to them if water doesn't recede. Human Services stands ready to assist if needed.
·     Preparing resources to assist with potential water rescues

Maries County:
Current Conditions:
·     The below road closures have divided the county in half.  First responders are available in both sections
·     Hwy. 63 is closed between Vienna and Vichy at the Gasconade River Bridge.
·     Hwy. 133 at HH is closed due to high water
·     Hwy. N is closed due to high water
·     Several locations on Hwy 42 are closed due to high water
·     Low water crossings have water over them with the worst being in the southwest section of the county
·     There are 35 residential structures in Nagogomy area with 16 year round residences.  This is a camping/canoeing area on the Gasconade River near Highway 63.  Voluntary evacuation occurred prior to flood levels being reached.
Current Response:
·     2 Shelters on Standby at Methodist Churches in Vienna and Vichy
·     EOC is not opened but they are monitoring the situation
·     1 injury reported which occurred when a resident was checking on his home in a boat.  After the boat became inoperable, it drifted into a power line and the individual was electrocuted.  
·     Another Area of concern is the intersections CR623 and CR624 that runs off of Highway 28 and Route HH --sparsely populated, approximately 6 homes, but mostly farmland. 
·     Monitoring weather forecast, significant rainfall will prolong flood conditions.
Projected Conditions / Impacts:
·     Current and forecasted rain may cause additional flash flooding

Phelps County
Current Conditions:
·     Improved conditions overnight are being negatively impacted by the return of heavy rainfall
·     I-44  at Jerome is now open.
·     Waiting for water to recede to conduct damage assessments and allow access into Jerome.
Current Response:
·     Residents have returned to their homes in Newburg and have been advised of additional flooding potential.  They are aware they may have to evacuate again if water comes up
Projected Conditions / Impacts:
·     If forecast rain develops flash flooding will develop quickly due to saturated soil conditions

Pulaski County / Waynesville:
Current Conditions / Impacts:
·     Several Reports of Floating/Dislodged Propane Tanks
·     Fatality-1
·     150 structures still out of power
·     Waynesville Sewer being shut down due to Flooding
·     Numerous Roads still closed
Current Response:
·     Search and Rescue Operations continue for missing person.
·     Damage Assessment has started
·     8 people being sheltered
·     EOC is open 24/7
Projected Conditions / Impacts:
·     If forecast rain develops flash flooding will develop quickly due to saturated soil conditions.
State of Missouri:
·     SEMA is currently activated and staffed 24 hours until further notice.

Missouri Highway Patrol:
Patrol personnel and equipments assigned
·     22 Members
·     2 Communications operators
·     4 Civilian personnel
·     9 Boats
Traffic Control points
·     Pulaski County: Four traffic control points manned by National Guard personnel and MoDot personnel  (Two on Route T and Two on MO 17).
·     Maries County: Four traffic control points manned by MoDot, (US 63 at MO 28 and Mo 42 east of Vienna)
Other Resources
·     Two Cadaver canine teams from Osage Beach - 8/7 afternoon from Osage Beach
·     Two additional cadaver canine teams planned respond from Columbia - weather conditions have temporarily suspended their response.
·     Fire departments from Bourbon, Nixa and other agencies
·     Law enforcement from Phelps County, Rolla PD, St. Robert PD, Waynesville PD, St. James PD and Missouri Department of Conservation
·     2 Medical helicopters from Mercy plus additional local EMS
·     Incident Support Team (IST) from Springfield/Green County in place in Pulaski County

Missouri Highway Patrol:
·     Continues to monitor road conditions and traffic control points.
·     Planning and staging for rerouting for hwy 63 detour in anticipation of hwy 50 closure.

Missouri National Guard Current Operational Numbers:
·     19 Soldiers assisting MSHP with traffic control/check points.
·     4 Soldiers in 2 LMTVs assisting MSHP with high water crossing on I44 (VIC MMs 156-172)
·     1 LNO at Pulaski County EOC
·     1 LNO deploying to Miller County EOC
·     1 LNO  deploying to Laclede County EOC
·     3 ENG at 35th BDE HQ
·     10 MPs at 35th BDE HQ
·     22 MPs en-route from Springfield (SP: 0600)

            Total: 61  (Total Does not include command and control personnel)

Total Event Numbers as of 8:00 PM on  8/7/13:
·     JOC 3 SED/21 ADOS or AGR:                                  Total: 24
·     Task force:  62 SED/ 8AGR or ADOS:                       Total 70

Human Services Report
Emergency Human Services contacted Taney County EMD to confirm pet sheltering need. Taney County reported approximately six animals were evacuated early this morning and are being cared for by Taney County Animal Control.
American Red Cross
·     Three shelters are open and being managed by Red Cross volunteers.
·     Red Cross is operating fixed feeding operations and has provided food to emergency response personnel in several jurisdictions including Waynesville and the surrounding areas.
·     Mobile feeding to outlying areas is being assessed and coordinated today (8/8/13)
·     Red Cross has deployed damage assessment teams to Pulaski County and surrounding areas to conduct preliminary damage assessments. These teams are still working.
·     Point of entry for emergency assistance is the Red Cross: (866) 815-2738
Convoy of Hope
·     Deployed a team to assist in community coordination in Waynesville
Humane Society of Missouri
·     A pet sheltering team of 4 has deployed from the St. Louis area at the request of Waynesville Animal Control to assist in sheltering operations for displaced and evacuated pets.
·     Mobile pet sheltering units deployed from Texas Co. and St. Louis area
·     Deployment of Humane Society volunteers is expected to be 4-5 days with a sheltering transfer of 15 dogs occurring on the final day of assistance.
·     Taney County Animal Control are taking care of evacuated pets; there are no needs at this time.
Missouri Baptist Convention
·     On standby for muck out/debris removal efforts
United Way 2-1-1
·     Providing information and referral services
·     Serving as intake point for volunteers in conjunction with Waynesville Tourism Bureau
·     Affected individuals may call 2-1-1 for specific needs and will be directed to appropriate partnering organizations
·     Citizens may call (800)427-4626 or 2-1-1
University of Missouri Extension
·     Established a webpage and a Facebook page with flood recovery information for disaster survivors.
·     Information has been added on 8/8/2013 to include clean up and food contamination information. Additional information includes resources relating to disinfecting flooded wells and several disaster recovery resources.
SEMA Emergency Human Services
·     Deployed two Emergency Human Services Planners to assist with local recovery operations
·     Coordinating a Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD) meeting in Waynesville for 10 AM Friday morning at the Pulaski County Visitors Center; 137 St. Robert Blvd. St. Robert. The purpose of this meeting is to convene the COAD as it has existed and to incorporate new agencies that have begun participating in the community as a result of the recent flooding events.
Department of Mental Health
·     Coordinating with Red Cross and regional/ national mental health resources to support the provision of mental health services.

            SAMHSA Disaster Helpline 1-800-985-5990
            DMH Disaster Website:
            Coping with the floods:
            Pathways Community Health Access Crisis Intervention line is: 1-800-833-3915;

Department of Health and Senior Services
·     Maintaining contact with provider agencies and ensuring outreach to clients in all affected areas
·     Contacted all local public health agencies to determine needs.
·     Pulaski County is requesting more water sample kits; State Public Health Lab is making arrangements to provide.
·     Contacted Long term Care Facilities, hospitals and medical facilities for any unmet needs; no unmet needs have been indicated.
DHSS-Division of Senior and Disability Services (DSD)
Pulaski County
·     Richland --All clients are accounted for and meals are being provided.
·     Dixon—Coordinating with police department to check on status of clients
·     Crocker—Meals are being provided to clients. All clients are accounted for and well.
           Senior Center temporarily closed due to flooding throughout the building. Senior Center
           will potentially need a new roof.
·     Waynesville—Meals are being provided to clients. Awaiting status report on clients.
Phelps County
·     Rolla—Meals are being provided to clients. All clients are accounted for and well.
·     Newburg—2 clients were evacuated and are staying with relatives until Monday. Some clients are still in their homes and are not being evacuated yet. Police have names of these clients and are aware of locations in case of need to evacuate. All clients have received meals.
Camden County
·     Macks Creek- Center temporarily closed due to excessive water back up in sewer.
                                  All clients accounted for and have meals.
Laclede County
·     Monitoring potential situation in Laclede County. Four elderly couples are in water locked areas. May need assistance in the coming days for pharmaceuticals if water does not recede. At this time, DHSS and Division of Senior and Disability Services are monitoring.
Miller County
·     Both Eldon and Iberia centers are open; no issues at this time.
Osage County
·     All clients are accounted for and have meals through the first of next week.
Department of Social Services
·     Monitoring shelter activity as well as local mass care and human services operations
·     DSS staff are available on the SEOC
Missouri Community Service Commission
·     Coordinating with its various programs to identify potential disaster relief resources such as AmeriCorps.
Department of Insurance
·     Providing insurance information through its hotline (800)726-7390

Ameren Update:
Bagnell Dam will begin closing flood gate at 12 pm today 8/8. All gates should be closed by 2pm.


Missouri Region D Incident Support Team
Pulaski County
Full team, supplemented by one Region C IST member, confirmed on site evening of 8/6/13.
Missouri Statewide Interoperability System (MOSWIN) - Cache Radios
Pulaski County
MOSWIN System Administration provided 21 portable radios, associated accessories, and transport in support of local response efforts on 8/6/13.     
Missouri Statewide Interoperability System (MOSWIN) - Control Stations
Pulaski County
MOSWIN System Administration provided 2 control station radios for use in the Pulaski County EOC on 8/6/13. 
Missouri State Highway Patrol - Personnel
Pulaski County
20 personnel supported local response efforts on 8/6/13.
Missouri State Highway Patrol - Helicopter
Pulaski County
One helicopter supported local response efforts on 8/6/13.
Missouri State Highway Patrol – Boats
Pulaski County
Seven boats supported local response efforts on 8/6/13. 
Sand Bags (Availability Inquiry)
Pulaski County
Local jurisdiction inquired concerning availability of sandbags for potential future needs.  Coordination completed with Corps of Engineers, supplies are available if needed. 
2500 Sandbags
Waynesville requested 2000 sandbags – 2500 available for pickup at Ft Leonard by Pulaski county
40 Tons of Sand
Waynesville requested 10 tons of sand – 40 tons provided
Dump or pickup trucks
Provided through local mutual aid (St. Roberts)
4 x Dump Trucks w/ drivers  for road repair
4 x 12 yard trucks with drivers procured and on scene 8/8
Wheel Loader for MHE to load rock into dump trucks
Wheel Loader ordered – on scene 8/8
13000 sandbags delivered for general use
USACE delivered 13000 sandbags to USACE office at Ft. Leonard Wood. 8/7/13 1530 hrs. USACE is calling EMD to arrange pick up.
2 x Light Towers for night operations
light towers – arrived 8:30 PM 8/7
50 Reflective vests
Highway patrol flew and delivered 8/7/13
50 Flashlights
In Progress – ESF 13 Tasking
50 road flares
In Progress – ESF 13 Tasking
4 cadaver Dogs
In Progress – ESF 9 Tasking
GIS Specialist (Staff)
In Progress – ESF 5 Tasking
1 x LMTV
In Progress MONG Tasking
In Progress MONG Tasking
Personnel to operate military vehicles (LMTV & HMMWV)
In Progress MONG Tasking


For more information, call (573) 751-4819 or e-mail