To contact a member of the staff, please dial (573) 526-9100 or click on a name to contact by email.

SEMA Director's Office

Ron Walker
Tami Soncrant
Executive Administrative Assistant
Michele Schnurr
Administrative Assistant

Missouri Emergency Response Commission (MERC)

Paul Kirchhoff
MERC Executive Director
Patricia Tye
Administrative Office Assistant
Lisa Jobe
Hazmat Training Coordinator
Lana Nelson
Administrative Assistant

Fiscal Division

Shelly Honse
Fiscal Manager
Nikol Enyart
Accounting Specialist III
Holly Otto
Grant Specialist
Ron Gerke
Accounting Specialist I
Accounting Specialist I
Vicki Romero
Special Assistant
Robyn Siebeneck
Procurement Officer
Gail Wolken
Personnel Officer I

EMPG Section

Amy Lepper
EMPG Program Manager
Jackie Hofstetter
EMPG Grant Specialist (L-Z)
Amanda Wilbers
EMPG Grant Specialist (A-K)

Preparedness Division

Elizabeth Weyrauch
Preparedness Division Manager
Mark Pethan
PHEP/HPP Grant Administrator

Plans Section

Tom Stiefermann
Planning Section Manager
Melissa Stafford
Administrative Assistant
Sebastian Gely
Web EOC Administrator

Strategic National Stockpile

Jim Settle
Heather Wilson

State Planning

Brenda Heidbreder
Planning Program Manager
Jeff Briggs
Earthquake Program Manager


Mass Fatality & Chempack Planner
David Bagge
Communications Planner
Continuity of Operations

Training/Exercises Section

Ryon Richmond
Training & Exercise Program Manager
June Simonton
Administrative Assistant


Sheila Huddleston
Exercise Officer
Michelle Nienhuis
Exercise Officer


Laura Norris
State Training Officer
Tasca Tolson
State Training Coordinator
Sarah Brockes-Miller
Training Technician II

Emergency Human Services Program

Deb Hendricks
Statewide Volunteer Coordinator
Steven Tatlow
EHS Planner
Alyssa Borchelt
MRC Coordinator/Planner
Tina Brown
EHS Planner
Sarah Cassmeyer
Emergency Management Officer
Patricia Curtis
Show Me Response Coordinator

Radiological Emergency Preparedness Section

Collette Linder
Program Coordinator
Jim Kammerer
Radiological Systems Maintenance Supervisor
Mary Smith
Administrative Assistant
Dan Lund
Radiological Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
Kelly Mottaz
Radiological Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

Response Division

Terry Cassil
Response Division Manager
Shannon Carey
Administrative Assistant
Michael White
Deputy Response Division Manager
Jeff Rackers
All Hazards Mutual Aid Coordinator/Deputy Operations Chief


Erin Matteson
Emergency Management Officer I
Jessica Haugh
Emergency Management Officer I

Statewide Regional Coordinators

Jeff Alton
Region B
Derek Lohner
Region C - UASI Coordinator
Steve Besemer
Region C - Rural Coordinator
Denise Russell
Region D
Hank Voelker
Region E
Brenda Gerlach
Region F
JJ Travis
Region G
Michael Booth
Region H
Brett Hendrix
Region I


Sam Pherigo
Logistics Program/Facilities Manager
Jason Haugh
Logistics Program


Mark Pethan
Program Manager
Kevin Tweedy

Recovery Division

Ron Broxton
Recovery Division Manager
Karla Marshall
Administrative Assistant

Mitigation Section

Heidi Carver
State Hazard Mitigation Officer
Teresa Lehman
Deputy State Hazard Mitigation Officer
Jennifer Storey
Lead Planner/Hazard Mitigation Specialist
Hazard Mitigation Specialist

Floodplain Management Section

Karen McHugh
Floodplain Management Section Manager/State NFIP Coordinator
Linda Olsen
Emergency Management Officer II
Lori Blatter
Floodplain Management Officer

Floodplain Engineering and Mapping Section

Darryl Rockfield
Floodplain Engineer Section Manager CE
Floodplain Engineer

Public Assistance Section

Alan Prenger
Disaster Section Manager
Diane Petty
Administrative Assistant
Matthew Boley
Public Assistance Coordinator
Karen Cassmeyer
Public Assistance Coordinator
David Burgan
Public Assistance Coordinator
Jim Clad
Public Assistance Specialist
Angie Mengwasser
Public Assistance Specialist
Charles Highland
Public Assistance Specialist
Judy Howell
Public Assistance Specialist

Information Technology

Jim Bernskoetter
Information Technology Technician
David Sorensen
Information Technologist

Geographic Information Systems

Alexis Gieseker
Geographic Information Systems Specialist
Konrad Hughes
Geographic Information Systems Specialist