2022 Missouri Emergency Management Conference

September is National Emergency Preparedness month. In lieu of an in-person Emergency Management Conference, SEMA is organizing a “Virtual Emergency Management Information Series” throughout September. This series will include several learning opportunities covering topics such as:

  • Local Emergency Operations Plans (LEOPs)
  • Continuity of Operations Plans (COOPs)
  • Incident Command System (ICS) Structure
  • Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs)
  • Non-profit partners • Healthcare Coalitions
  • Cybersecurity • Vulnerable Populations
  • Community Organizations Active in Disasters (COADs) and Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (VOADs)

All training sessions will be held via Webex Meetings. Live session participation is limited to the first 500 attendees; recorded sessions will be made available as soon as possible. As more details are finalized, the latest information will be available on SEMA’s website.

The Surprising History of the New Madrid Earthquakes

Presenter Name: Conevery Valencius, PhD; Professor of History, Boston College
Date and Time of Presentation: Wednesday, September 14th at 9am (CST)
Level of Learning: Open to All!
Duration: 60 minutes
Description of content: What does the history of the New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-1812 teach us about disaster preparation today? This presentation by an award-winning historian provides engaging and relevant background on the historic earthquakes of our New Madrid Seismic Zone.


Presenter Name: Michael Harris; Missouri Emergency Response Commission
Date and Time of Presentation: Thursday, September 8th at 9am (CST)
Level of Learning: Introductory to Intermediate
Duration: 60 minutes
Description of content: This course provides an understanding of the history, laws, regulations, and rules that govern the Missouri Emergency Response Commission (MERC), Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC), and Local Emergency Planning Districts (LEPD), as well as Federal and State EPCRA and Tier II compliance.

What is the DMH Behavioral Health Strike Team, and how can you request it?

Presenter Name: Eric Evans; Director, Emergency Management, Missouri Department of Mental Health, Office of Disaster Services || Beckie Gierer; Director of Disaster Services, Missouri Department of Mental Health
Date and Time of Presentation: Tuesday, September 20th at 2pm (CST)
Level of Learning: Any!
Duration: 45 minutes
Description of content: The Missouri Department of Mental Health (DMH) has created a Behavior Health Strike Team (BHST). This team is designed to respond to emergency and disaster events from shootings to natural disasters, in order to support the mental health needs of survivors and responders. This 45-minute workshop is intended to provide participants with the background of the team’s development and provide guidance on how to request a response from the DMH BHST.