Always Ready

MO DMAT 1/MO MORT 1 operates throughout the state and at the request of the Governor's Office. The need for medical care can quickly overwhelm the healthcare system. MO DMAT 1/MO MORT 1 may be deployed to get people the medical care they need when seconds count. Whether they are responding to a tornado, flood or other natural disaster; protecting health and saving lives in the wake of a terrorist attack or man-made disaster; providing support in the wake of a disease outbreak; or during times of mass fatalities.

Missouri Strong

Operating out of three strategic locations across Missouri in St. Louis, Springfield and Kansas City allows the team to respond quickly to local disasters. MO DMAT 1/MO MORT 1 scales to meet the unique challenges of each disaster, combining clinical, non-clinical and leadership staff so that skills are used effectively.

Full Disaster Support

Missouri Disaster Medical Assistance Team 1 stands ready to serve the residents of the State of Missouri and at the direction of the Governor in times of disaster where care could be needed.

The team is equipped to respond to a disaster location, and set up a mobile emergency room setting, with capabilities near a standard ER. Operations are based out of tents or whatever structures are available and state of the art equipment, pharmaceuticals, wound care, cardiac, respiratory, diagnostic equipment are used. A team of professionals respond to the event and performing their job there, just as they do at their primary job.

MO DMAT 1/MO MORT 1 are staffed with medical professionals and para-professionals who can help area health systems respond by providing expert patient care. Team members include advanced clinicians (nurse practitioners/physician assistants), medical officers, registered nurses, respiratory therapists, paramedics, pharmacists, safety specialists, logistical specialists, information technologists, communication, death investigators, pathologist, odontology, anthropology, funeral directors and administrative specialists.

Mission assignments to MO DMAT 1/MO MORT 1 vary widely. When a disaster strikes, team members may be called on to help hospitals and healthcare facilities serve the needs of their patients, support medical sites and shelters, and more. In a disease outbreak, they may provide mass prophylaxis. During a special event, they stand ready to serve in case of an emergency. No matter what the specific mission is, MO DMAT 1/MO MORT 1 teams provide services with the up most professionalism and compassion.

How to Help

We are always looking for volunteers throughout the state of Missouri. For more information about how you can get involved and join the team, please contact:

Angela Strand, Administrative Officer - (314) 291-1478
Kevin Tweedy, Team Commander - (417) 353-0501

To be considered for employment opportunities, please submit resume to:

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SEMA MO MORT 1 patch