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The All-Hazard Planning Program has primary responsibility for providing planning guidance and assistance to state departments, agencies, and local governments in the development and maintenance of all-hazard emergency operations plans (EOPs). The program oversees maintenance of the state of Missouri’s emergency operations plan.

Missouri’s Emergency Operations Plan was developed by SEMA, working with other state agencies. It is designed to promote the coordination of statewide emergency services and the use of available resources to minimize the effects of any major disaster on Missourians and their property. The plan clearly outlines the responsibilities of individual state officials and state departments and agencies in coordinating emergency response and recovery actions.

Local emergency operations plans have been developed for all 114 counties in the state, the independent City of St. Louis and many other cities. SEMA provides planning assistance for local jurisdictions to develop and maintain their all-hazard EOPs.

The "Missouri All-Hazard Emergency Planning Guidance" publication was developed by SEMA to help ensure that state and local government EOPs’ meet fundamental planning requirements. The document is available in the Publications Section of this Web site.

Hazardous Materials Planning

The SARA Title III Program (dealing with hazardous materials, including radiological) provides funding for training state and local jurisdictions and first responders on hazardous materials planning, response, and incident management. The planning requirements for hazardous materials are included in "Missouri All-Hazard Emergency Planning Guidance," under Annex H. The Planning & Disaster Recovery Branch works closely with the Missouri Emergency Response Commission (MERC), which is another SEMA section, as well as Local Emergency Planning Commissions (LEPCs).