11/02/2006 - Severe Storms

In July 2006, eastern Missouri experienced a severe storm that generated high winds and heavy rain. The storm was responsible for one death and more than 30 injuries. Utility companies reported more than 493,000 customers without power, leaving customers without air conditioning in temperatures exceeding 110 degrees with the heat index. Some customers were forced to wait more than a week to have their power restored.

On July 20, Gov. Matt Blunt ordered activation of the State Emergency Operations Plan. On the same day, Gov. Blunt declared a state of emergency in Missouri.

On July 20, Gov. Blunt also requested that President George Bush declare a major disaster in Missouri as a result of the storms, requesting Public Assistance to the affected counties. Included in the request were the counties of Dent, Iron, Jefferson, St. Charles, St. Louis and Washington and the City of St. Louis.

On Nov. 2, a major disaster declaration was granted by President Bush, providing Public Assistance to the affected areas.

The major disaster declaration provided public and individual assistance to the affected counties for emergency work to repair or replace facilities damaged by the severe storm. FEMA’s Public Assistance program provides federal funds to reimburse 75 percent of the costs for removing debris, conducting emergency activities and repairing levees, roads, bridges, utility and water control facilities, public buildings and parks.

More information on this disaster is available on FEMA's website.