12/29/2006 - Severe Winter Storms

During November and December 2006, Missouri experienced severe winter weather that generated heavy rain, flash flooding, snow and ice throughout the entire state. Two inches of ice were reported, along with 16-18 inches of snow. There were 11 deaths and several injuries, including more than 60 people requiring treatment for hypothermia due to the winter storm. Utility companies reported more than 300,000 customers without power, some for days.

There were 19 shelters established throughout the affected areas, 12 of which remained open for more than four days after the initial storm. More than 1,400 people utilized these shelters, and more than 8,900 hot meals, 2,000 heater meals and 11,000 snacks were served.

On Dec. 1, Gov. Matt Blunt ordered activation of the State Emergency Operations Plan. On the same day, Gov. Blunt declared a state of emergency in Missouri.

On Dec. 15, Gov. Blunt requested that President George Bush declare a major disaster in Missouri, requesting Public Assistance to the affected counties.

On Dec. 29, President Bush granted a disaster declaration, providing Public Assistance to the affected areas. Counties included in the disaster declaration were Boone, Callaway, Camden, Cole, Greene, Iron, Marion, Miller, Reynolds, St Francois, Ste Genevieve, St Louis, and Washington counties, and the independent City of St Louis.

The major disaster declaration provided Public assistance to the affected counties for emergency protective measures, debris removal, and permanent work to repair or replace facilities damaged by the severe storm. FEMA’s Public Assistance program provides federal funds to reimburse 75 percent of the costs for removing debris, conducting emergency activities and repairing roads, bridges, utility and water control facilities, public buildings and parks.

More information on this disaster is available on FEMA's website.