The WebEOC Just-In-Time (JIT) Training does not replace the in-seat WebEOC Operator Training course.

The JIT training is available as a refresher for those who have been through the WebEOC Operator Training course OR to new employees required to access WebEOC during an incident/event that occurs prior to the employee attending the official course. Completing all modules of the JIT training, will grant a TEMPORARY UserID and Password, which will expire 60 days after issuance. In order to receive a permanent WebEOC User ID and password, attending and completing the in-seat WebEOC Operator Training course is required. You can search for courses at Sema's training/exercises webpage.

Internet Explorer 10 or newer is required to view the following eLearning modules.

WebEOC Background - Duration: 15 minutes

Logging into WebEOC – Duration: 7 minutes

Sign In/Sign Out Board – Duration: 8 minutes

Jurisdiction Status Board – Duration: 12 minutes

Activity Log Board – Duration: 15 minutes
Effective June 12, 2017, the "Activity Log" Board has been renamed to "Situation Status Update." The board is functionally identical and will remain in the same spot on the Control Panel.

Resource Request Board – Duration: 12 minutes