Missouri Seismic Safety Commission (MSSC)


Board Mission Statement: The Seismic Safety Commission shall review the "State of State" in earthquake preparedness and make recommendations for the government; private sector and citizens to better mitigate the effects of a major seismic event within the state or an event that will affect the state.

The Missouri Seismic Safety Commission initiates, with the assistance and participation of other state, federal and local government agencies, a comprehensive program to prepare the state for responding to a major earthquake. The program was implemented in order to result in specific tools or products to be used by governments in responding to an earthquake, such as educational materials for citizens.

Commission Details

  • Number of Members: 17 members
  • Number of Members Appointed by Gov: 15
  • Length of Term: 4 years
  • Senate Advice and Consent Required: yes
  • Political Affiliation Required: no
  • Geographic Affiliation Required: no